Write a Social media strategy- Campaign Plan on HEYTEA.

November 25, 2022

Write a Social media strategy- Campaign Plan on HEYTEA. HEYTEA is a Chinese company and we need to explore your client’s( HEYTEA) strategic goals and create elements of a social media campaign. This project aims to synthesize a complete social media strategy and campaign that you design for your client.
Use templates to develop a social media strategy/campaign plan for your client. https://www.hubspot.com/resources/template?q=social%20media This is a templates link, you can write on bullet points in this section. campaign development should always follow strategy. You should begin by establishing a clear picture( you can write in bullet points) of your client’s overall strategic mission, and then create the context for the integration of social through a situational analysis.
Next you will detail the results of some social monitoring on behalf of your client. Establish the client’s communication objectives (which should support the client’s strategic plan) and identity the current target audience.
This foundation should lead logically and persuasively to your proposed use of social media as one component of the client’s communication plan. Detail the overall social approach, including channels and key messaging. Then, conclude with a specific campaign proposal. This campaign should include SMART objectives, sample content, a publication calendar(s), and metrics for assessing campaign outcomes.
Thus, your submission should include the following:
1. Introduction to the client (history, mission, vision, brand identity, corporate goals)
2. Situation analysis (social/political/economic landscape, current publics, target audience)
3. Social media monitoring
In this section you should write on 4 subtitles to analysis: 1. client 2. competitors 3. audiences 4. industry or board leaders
4. Communication objectives (a minimum of two)
In this section follow below, you should briefly review the nature of your client’s mission and activities. you should identify your proposed social media objectives, justifications and measurements.
1. Review the mission and activities of your client (specifically the activities you will focus on in your final campaign plan/strategy).
2. Identify four possible social media SMART objectives for your client.
3. Justify each objective through attention to the organization’s business goals, their desired target audiences, and the characteristics of specific social media platforms.
4. Identify a metric that can be used to assess the success of a social media campaign designed to accomplish the objective.
5. Campaign proposal (including proposed channels, sample content, SMART campaign objectives – a minimum of two)
In this part, you just write your opinion, objectives, and which social media you want to put at least two. You can write 2 stories for this part, you can think to write if you are telling the story for your client how you let them buy your products.
6. Editorial/Social calendar (It should include at least 10 entries – it could be 1 week, or up to a year’s length, depending on the nature of your proposal)
This one is the link that I give to you, you can just write a bullet point for the social calendar. https://www.hubspot.com/resources/template?q=social%20media You can look it up and follow this one to write.
How you make your client plant is work
Remember that sections 4, 5, 6 & 7 should include a “Justification” overview or summary that grounds the content of the section in course content/readings and/or your analysis of the client and their situation.

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