What is the writers subject/topic?

February 4, 2023

One full page double spaced
Identify, Define, and illustrate the rethorical situation and you must analyze the authors effectiveness in using the rhetorical situation to further the purpose of their writing
Using the story “Taking my parents to college” Norton Sampler 10th edition
What is the writers subject/topic? How is this situated within the context of the work?
Who is the writer? What is those? Does the writer have on the topic? Is there either strong or weak? In other words are they qualified to discuss the topic?
Who is a target audience? What is the writer seeking from the audience? If more than one target audience does the reader have a different message for each audience?
What is the tone of writing? Does it change within the text? How can we determine the tone of this essay?
Is their topic relevant or important shut the audience care about it? Is there an emergency connected to this topic?
Does the author use pathos to invoke a response from the audience? If so what kind of emotions/feelings is all they’re trying to get the audience to fill and why?
Does the writer use various rhetorical devices to present the claim?
How does the readies logos in the word? How does the logo support the work writers message or does it not? If the writer does not use logos because the message have been more effective or successful if they use the logos?
Does the writer use any other devices are Taurus birth effective an infective?
Does the writer make the most of the rhetorical situation? Do they effectively reach their audience? Are they inside of an reaching audience? Explain your valuation.

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