I have to write a report based on Amazon but I don’t want you to write the repor

February 1, 2024

I have to write a report based on Amazon but I don’t want you to write the report I am focusing the financial strategy and analysis of Amazon.
Financial Strategy and Analysis: 2.1: Budgeting and Cost Management: Develop comprehensive financial budget, highlighting areas for cost reduction – backed by research – and their effects on the company’s financial health and performance. 2.2: Financing Strategies: Explore how the company can effectively use financial services and instruments to raise funds if required, optimise their capital structure, boost growth, and manage risks. 2.3. Investment options and strategies: Explore opportunities for the firm’s expansion or upgrades, technology investments, and other capital expenditures.
So I need notes, charts and also sources about all the three different sections, so I need all the infos to write this part but I need them in notes form and 1 or 2 graph and sources. Please make sure that there is no plagiarism and that the one that would be copy and paste should be sourced and the sources should be cited in MLA format.
(Don’t write the report just need the notes and all the informations to write this part of the report)

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