Hi Students, This week, I am going to ask you to go out on your own with one of

April 18, 2024

Hi Students,

This week, I am going to ask you to go out on your own with one of the topics provided in neuroscience that carries with it a potential ethical dilemma or possible abuse of the new scientific technology.  The following is an article where Dr. Nancy Joseph addresses the importance of the field of neuroethics. Attached to this discussion is a potential list of ethics topics. You can select one of the issues from this list or if you have another you want to study, email me and we can discuss it. Once you have a topic, find a research study (peer-reviewed journal article), and in your discussion, describe what you learned about the research, describe how it might help and the potential ethical challenges, and then describe what you would recommend we need to do to ensure that this new technology isn’t misused or how the ethical issue can be addressed.  You will have the opportunity to read what other students have also found out in the discussion posts and react to at least two of them. 

Everything we are learning is amazing and the field of biopsychology and neuroscience is expanding daily! As future leaders, I want you to understand that these gains also need to be understood in the context of how they might impact individuals or people in general. 

Must be Five paragraphs. Paragraph per question asked/topic she wants discussed.

My topic I picked: Brain implants: Can we change our moods, intelligence, personality? Can we “fine tune” our minds? 

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