Explain what each of these qualities, whether or not you believe you have them, and if not, what you might do to develop them in the future.

February 6, 2023

Answer all of the following questions in this paper. Be sure to copy and paste the question you are addressing prior to answering it. There is no required format for this paper. One suggestion is arial or tacoma 11 font, single spaced within paragraphs and double spacing between paragraphs, with questions in bold. An acceptable answer for each question is 2 long paragraphs at least 150 words. So some thought and depth is the expectation.

1. Share your scores on the Approachability self-assessment. Interpret what these results mean to you. Is there further work you need to do to make sure people that work for you feel comfortable approaching you, how can you improve your approachability?
2. Share your scores on the Ethical Leadership survey. What do these results mean in terms of the ethical leadership skills of the manager you used for the survey. What are his/her strengths? weakenesses? in regard to ethical leadership? How can she/he improve?
3. Dr. Catherine Marsh in her research on ethical leaders, found 4 qualities they exhibit; they are found in Figure 1 on p. 574. Explain what each of these qualities, whether or not you believe you have them, and if not, what you might do to develop them in the future.
4. In the research Dr. Catherine Marsh did on executives experiences that led them to become ethical leaders, she found that three types of experiences most impacted the leaders she studied. These three developmental activites are shown in Figure 2 on p. 575 of the article. Reflect on which of these three types of experiences you have had and the impact it had on you. Be sure to talk about at least 2 of the 3. If you haven’t experience with 2, speculate how such an experience would impact you.
5. In the article by Hicks and Waddock, they describe the essential elements of “dignity”. They concur with your textbook authors that treating employees with dignity is a crucial element of ethical leadership. Review the 10 elements of dignity in the Hicks & Waddock article. For the manager you used in the self-assessment from question 2, reflect on which aspects of dignity that leader portrayed and give an example of when exactly you saw this behavior demonstrated. Include at least 4 elements in your analysis.
6. Do you believe yourself to be capable of “shamanic leadership” as depicted by HIcks & Waddock? Say why or why not with some specifics about each of the elements of shamanic leadership.

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