Case Report: The report should be a maximum of 5 pages plus a cover page. For an

February 1, 2024

Case Report: The report should be a maximum of 5 pages plus a cover page. For analysis.identify the main decision problem then examine issues including company objectives.costs, target customers, market demand, competitors, and Channel strategy (value providedby channel, differentiating attributes, intermediaries and their margins, channel power)Distribution needs of customers and need gaps, metrics of efficiency of the channel) andpropose alternative channel strategies (sometimes the case provides these, but there maybe additional possibilities). Evaluate the alternatives for their economic, qualitative, andmarketing implications. Finally, make a decision. Recommend a plan of action, spell outits details, and conclude. (Note that all steps may not be relevant to all cases and steps notlisted above may be relevant.) Principles covered in class, frameworks/tools and technicalvocabulary should be used where relevant.
Your viewpoint should be that of the decision maker in the case because an important goalof case analysis is to give students the opportunity to make decisions with seriousconsequences. The writing style should be professional. One would not expect to see in thereport any spelling or grammatical errors, inconsistency of logic or restatement of casefacts without analyzing them. It may be useful to organize data into a table or chart.

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