1st According to the ANA Nursing Resources Hub, “An informatics nurse works in v

April 18, 2024


According to the ANA Nursing Resources Hub, “An informatics nurse works in various settings to aid in using information systems. They may find ways to optimize an organization’s current EHR system. The role of the informatics nurse can vary depending upon the health care setting and the organization, but it’s rooted in system design and implementation, education, research, and quality improvements.” AI is something that has taken technology by storm and part of a nursing informatics specialist’s job will include studying and becoming masters in learning the ins and outs of this system in order to best protect the healthcare system and the patient’s integrity. AI is something that is still currently in its early years and is being questioned on whether or not it can be used as a valuable resource or seen as a liability. One of the more important roles that a nursing informatics specialist is going to be in charge of is constant research and continuous education on these updating technologies and machine learning. As the ANA stated above, they are also responsible for optimizing current EHR’s so testing the systems, workarounds and using their background as a nurse to ensure efficiency will be a big part of their role as well.


American Nurses Association. (2024, February 19). What Is Nursing Informatics and Why Is It So Important? ANA. https://www.nursingworld.org/content-hub/resources/nursing-resources/nursing-informatics/


Nursing informatics will only grow as time goes on in my point of view. In the next decade nursing informatics will become second hand to all healthcare workers currently in the field. Healthcare professionals can say that they are prepared for anything, however nobody is ever truly prepared for the unknown. As technology continues its uprise, everyone utilizing technology will adapt to the new changes. Especially healthcare workers with changes in the environment hour to hour. With such significant change, adapting will not be an issue for those who will be affected. One thing that does need to be considered is the current emerging technology. Artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT, is growing and has no plan on stopping in the future. With ChatGPT it needs to be understood completely before being utilized. Not only does it find and provide research data but researchers need to understand that the information being provided is someone else’s work. There are many skills and knowledge required to implement this standard of care. Such as the use of technology, communication solutions, and basic management of data.

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