Who are the parties (company, town, Indigenous community) involved?

February 6, 2023

1. Read the case attached to the Case Study 1 Discussion Forum.
2. Prepare case review answering the following questions:
a. Who are the parties (company, town, Indigenous community) involved?
b. What is the history of the project and the relationship of the parties?
c. Describe the Indigenous Community (s) involved – demographics, language, culture, system of government, etc.
d. What concerns does/did the community have at the start of the project? Have these been resolved/managed to their satisfaction?
e. What benefits has the community received as a consequence of the mining project?
f. Has the community been able to use any benefits to build a diversified sustainable local
g. Discuss any approaches that you think were noteworthy or particularly helpful to building a relationship.
h. Were there any notable mistakes or miissteps in the relationship?
i. Is the proponent a member of MAC? If so, do they report on their performance with respect to the Aboriginal and Community Outreach protocol?
j. Does this case offer any lessons for other companies?
k. Post two questions for your peers regarding the case.

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